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One Piece 692 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

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Spoilers & News >

One Piece Spoilers

> One Piece 692 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]
  • One Piece 692 spoilers [MH Confirmed] [Predictions & Discussions]

  • 04.12.2012 20:26
  • One Piece 692 Spoilers!!!One Piece 692 Prediction and Discussions!!! One Piece 691  has been released now!!!

    One Piece 692 Spoiler Summary:


    Jump cover with Mugiwara and Aokiji drinking milk and Ain (from Film Z) using her powers on Chopper, Robin and Nami.
    - Color Spread with Mugiwara crew in a clockmaker’s.
    - Luffy beats Caesar.
    - Brokers appear again talking about Luffy vs Caesar (they saw all the figth).
    - All people are in R Floor.
    - Baby 5 and Buffalo arrive to Punk Hazard (confirms their Akuma no mi names).
    - Franky see them in Franky Shougun.


    - In Color Spread we see Franky Shougun colored (it´s different from Volume 64 cover).
    - Kinemon is affected for Shinokuni.
    - Smoker and Law get the SAD.
    - Buffalo uses his hair and his feet like propeller.
    - Someone send Caesar´s body to Law ship.

     OnePiece Chapter 692: Assassins from Dressrosa

    As CC wimpers and tells Luffy he’s willing to make him his subordinate, Luffy hits him with G3 CoA bazooka called “Grizzly Cannon”.

    The whole thing is broadcasted to the dealers of the New World, everyone saw CC’s defeat at the hands of the Straw Hat.
    Tamago and Pekoms also calls Big Mam to report the incident.
    A horned shadowy figure tells his man to “let Jack know about this”, to which the subordinate says “Are you serious!? Oh this is gonna be bad…!”
    Meanwhile silk-hat wearing figure (that looks like Lucci) guesses it’s the “Alliance” deed, and to broadcast to the whole world.
    He says this is no longer just a problem of the underground.
    Killer watches it in silence….

    Chopper tells Mocha to hang tight as they make their way into building R, which Usopp will seal off.
    Brook comes running carrying Kinemon, who got turned into ponpei-white, crying that Kinemon has died from the gas.
    Short flashback to how Kinemon learned about the little dragon from a child. (The same girl who witnessed Momo turning into dragon)

    Meanwhile, Usopp took out all the fodders who were in the 2nd floor of the monitor room.

    Nami’s group meets up with Luffy.
    Law & Smoker brings a trolley used to carry SAD, so they can escape.

    Almost everyone’s gathered in building R now.
    Law is pissed that Luffy blew away CC instead of capturing him, even saying he shouldn’t have trusted him.
    He tells him to come with him and go after CC.

    One Piece 691  '' The King of the Land of Death'' Summary :



    The chapter opens by showing the top half of the bisected building falling back down, presumably sealing the gap, although some gas begins to leak in. The giant children are scared at first, but Sanji and Nami convince them to keep running. The G-5 Marines soon spot Zoro approaching carrying Captain Tashigi while she demands he put her down. Upon seeing the marines she realizes he has gone the wrong way. Sanji is furious that Zoro picked her up, while Nami tries to make him turn back.

    Meanwhile, Chopper's medical room starts to collapse due to Law's attack, and the G-5 medics carry both him and Mocha away, while he continues to monitor her condition. 

    in the SAD production room, Vergo has been completely dismembered by Law, and his body parts are attached to a railing. He calls Law's plan a messed up attempt at revenge, and taunts Law saying that he will regret it, and cannot replace Doflamingo with power alone. He then asks Smoker to agree with him, but Smoker remains silent, while Law cuts Vergo's head in half one last time, and states that Vergo does not need to worry about Law but his own self since the room will soon be completely destroyed, before leaving.

    Meanwhile, Caesar realizes his plan is falling apart, and becomes increasingly enraged. He orders his men in the secret room to open the shutters, letting Shinokuni flood the room, and when they argue that there are over a hundred men under Caesar's command left in the room that will be killed, he snaps at them, referring to them as Guinea pigs and scum, and that since nobody cares he can keep killing and replacing them as many times as he wants. His remaining minions are shocked into silence by this, to the extent that the ones previously fighting Usopp outright ignore him while he steps back to hide.

    Caesar's puzzled reaction to their shock convinces some of his men that he is bluffing, and did not actually intend to hurt them, and, believing it to be a complex strategy, open the vents as ordered. As the gas fills the room, Caesar somehow sucks it into himself, and begins to grow huge, before taking on a more demonic form. Gloating about his new found might, he promptly murders all of his men remaining in the room as a show of strength, enraging Luffy. He then continues that even peaceful countries have expressed an interest in his genocide weapons, and that he plans on supplying everyone, ultimately becoming the ruler of a war-torn "land of the dead". Luffy appears to flee, telling Momonosuke to protect Brownbeard.

    In the secret room, Caesar's remaining forces are horrified by his casual murder of their allies, and realize he truly does not care about them. Usopp then interrupts, asking if he can use the control panel to help his friends and allies escape. Caesar's subordinates point out that Luffy has abandoned him, watching him run down the corridor on the monitors. Usopp counters that Luffy would find things easier if he did, but that was not in his nature. As he speaks, Luffy, still enraged, is seen to stop and turn, apparently assuming one of his Gear Second stances. As Usopp continues to talk about Luffy's positive characteristics, his captain continues by blowing air into both his arms, expanding both of them to activate Gear Third. He then begins to charge back down the corridor towards Caesar, both his arms stretching out behind him. Usopp states that Caesar is the type of person Luffy hates the most, and that Luffy won't forgive him. The chapter ends as Luffy infuses Haki into both of his stretched arms, and jumps towards Caesar, entering a pose similar to that of his Gomu Gomu no Gigant Bazooka attack, while stating that he does not want to see Caesar's face anymore.



    One Piece 692 Spoilers Trivia: It was revealed that the World Government considered making Portgas D. Ace a Shichibukai, but he refused and eventually joined Whitebeard’s crew. It is unknown why the position was opened at this time and who was the previous Shichibukai.

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    One Piece 692 spoilers is not avaliable yet, we will update it as soon as it comes out!!!


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